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Terms and Conditions



Regular Service: Our winter season starts on November 1st and goes through to March 31st. This snow contract covers all snowfalls of five (5) cm or more. Tractors are not dispatched until there is a minimum of five (5) cm on the ground as recorded at the Ottawa Airport. We offer 2 levels of service depending on the amount of snow accumulation.  1)Light duty. 5-12 cm. Daytime visit.  2)Heavy duty. 13-30 cm. Overnight visit followed by a daytime visit.  If the city plows your street our operators will return ASAP to clear the city plow bank.  If they see that your car has moved during this visit they will clear the car space.  In the case of heavy snow falls multiple clearings may take place. Please note that we are not responsible for ice accumulation or light snow events. Due to the unpredictable nature of the snow business; we cannot guarantee completion times. Traffic accidents, damaged equipment, flat tires, employees calling in sick, multiple phone calls and heavy snow can affect our speed. Your driveway will be cleaned ASAP. Please remember that we are working very hard for you in harsh conditions. We are ready to spring into action 24/7, but our crews do require sleep, have families to attend to, and sometimes have mechanical breakdowns no matter how well they take care of their equipment. Occasionally errors occur and a driveway or walkway is missed, or a city plow has gone by after we have finished for the day; in such a situation please contact the office before 9 a.m. the day after the storm, as we have tractors available that morning to make sure that those situations are taken care of.  No verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated. Repeated calls during snowstorms will result in cancellation with no refund. Please note that Andy’s will not service on Christmas day until our crews have had time with their family. An evening or overnight clearing will take place following the holiday when needed.  Service will not be provided on New Year’s Eve. Please be aware that it may take up to 3 storms to work out the kinks and for the drivers to familiarize themselves with their routes, please be patient as we work out these issues.

Snow Cap: There is a snow cap in place of 250cm. Further services after 250cm will cost the following: Laneway Only services: $50.00 plus tax. Unlimited service to April 1st. Non refundable. Laneway and Walkway services: $100.00 plus tax. Unlimited to April 1st. Non refundable.  It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Andy’s if they wish to cancel services after 250cm. Otherwise Andy’s will continue to service at the amounts listed above. Failure to receive additional payments for services rendered will be sent to collections. Andy’s will record snow accumulations on our website for review. (as reported by the Ottawa Airport) Andy’s will contact customers informing clients that the cap has been reached via the phone number indicated on the proposal by automated call or text. Please ensure that your contact number is up to date.

 Customer Responsibilities: It is the customers responsibility to remove cars, garbage cans, flowerpots, basketball nets, keep electrical cords, down spouts, and obstacles off your driveway. We are not responsible for damage to items that project into, border on, or that are left on the driveway (including but not limited to down spout extenders and Christmas lights). Please make sure your driveway and lawn are clear and ready for winter.  It is the customers responsibility to protect tender trees and plants as well as lamp/light posts with a wooden structure to protect them from blowing snow.   Hidden items can also damage our snow machines, causing significant delays and expensive repairs. Please trim tree branches that hang less than 12′ off the ground. Low branches will prevent the machines from accessing your drive. Andy’s is not responsible for laneway surface scratching.  Scratches occur for various reasons including stones picked up by the blowers or other issues beyond our control.  Driveways, especially interlock, can have uneven surfaces develop over time often leading to scratches or rust stains.  Andy’s is not responsible for scratches or staining. Andy’s is not responsible for removal of gravel off your property if you have a gravel driveway and gravel is thrown by the blowers.  If you did not sign up for our shoveling service, please push the snow away from the edges and the garage door before we arrive. This will help keep your drive cleaner. Please do not pile snow deeply or place snow on an already cleared laneway as we will not return to clear it without an added fee. The homeowner is responsible for: getting their payment and contract in on time, keeping the driveway free of obstacles, freezing rain, ice, melt/re-freezing, drifting, buildup from sidewalk plows, sanding/salting, moving their car and snowfalls less than 5 cm.  The homeowner will hold Andy’s harmless with regard to snow/ice accumulation and slip/falls.  We DO NOT offer clearing right to bare pavement or salting / ice control products. Andy’s will clear snow up to 2 feet from structures and garage, if not signed up for shoveling, customer is responsible for remaining clearing.  Andy’s will not be responsible for any property damage that is reported later than May 1st of the current contract. Andy’s is not responsible for loss or inconveniences due to circumstances beyond our control. All accounts must be paid in full; a signed contract must be returned to the office and a marker must be placed in front of your home before snow clearing will commence.

 Final Clearing: A final clearing, if needed, usually takes place within 8-12 hours of the initial clearing. Final clearings are based on the city plows.

 Walkways: Please note that shoveling crews are scheduled separately from lane way clearing crews. Shovelers are not dispatched until the snow has either tapered off or stopped. It could take up to 24 hours before the shovelling is completed, dependent on the amount of snow accumulation.

 City Plow Debris: City plow debris will be cleaned up as quickly as possible. City sidewalk plow debris will be cleaned up at the same time as the city plow. However, if the city sidewalk plows the sidewalk at a later time or repeatedly, Andy’s will only clear the debris the same day as the snow fall. Please note that repeated sidewalk and city plows will be subjected to a $45.00 service charge per occurrence.

 Declined Payments: Andy’s requires a service charge of $25.00 for any payment declined from your financial institution.

False Claims: Claims of missed services that prove to be false will incur a $75.00 fee for the special visit.

Special Requests: Special requests for clearing for appointments can be made to the office the day before a snowstorm.  In the case of an unforeseen emergency, please call the office for assistance.

Additional Services: Services not noted above, such as returning to clear after a parked vehicle or to clear snow thrown onto your driveway from your walkway or roof, are subject to a service charge of no less then $75.00 plus taxes depending on requirement.

Downslope Driveways: These driveways must be pre-salted by customer.  We can not guarantee full clearing of sloped driveways.

Parking: Please park your car right up by the house and to the side of the drive, so we can clean as much driveway as possible. Please do not park at the entrance of the drive. This prevents us from accessing your driveway. Due to the significant amount of time involved with moving a vehicle and re-cleaning the driveway we will call / text you 1-6 hours before we arrive to give you a chance to clean off your car and move it before we arrive. This extra call /text ahead phone service will be available for storms over 10 cm. We will not call /text on overnight clearing visits or for light storms. Make sure your phone number is correct on the contract to ensure a call or text to the proper home. If at any point you would like to opt out of being called, just follow the directions on the message.

Cancellation: This proposal can be cancelled at anytime with written notice. There is a $50 cancellation fee plus a pro-rated service fee.


Please call the office at 613-224-2232 if your markers are not picked up by April 30th and we will send someone over.
Weather data: Andy’s Ontario Inc. refers to Environment Canada data (Ottawa International Airport).
Making payment means acknowledging and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions outlined in this contract.

Please note that any abusive or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in your contract being cancelled.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the services that we offer. Including your address will help us help you.