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Services Logs


DATESNOW# PassesStartEndSnow type
Dec 4, 202313.2cm26am10:30pmWet and icy
Jan 7, 202412.8cm28am10pmDrifting and blowing
Jan 8, 2024n/a19am2pmClean up and plow ends
Jan 9 - 10 20248.2cm plus rain2-36pm Jan 94:30pm Jan 10Followed by rain and ice
Jan 11, 2024n/a19amClean up and plow ends
Jan 13-14 202419 cm36 am4 amDeep with large drifts
Jan 15 2024n/a19 am4 pmClean up and plow ends
Jan 16th 20246.8cm110pmEvening run
Jan 23-24 20245.6cm211pmAfternoonSnow into rain
Jan 25 2024n/a19amAfternoonClean up
Feb 15-16 20249.8cm212am5pmLight and fluffy
Feb 17 2024n/a19amAfternoonClean ups


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